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Family Therapy / Parenting Skills

Family Therapy: Families are full of personalities and it can be a challenge to help each member feel supported and connected while juggling the many demands we all face each day. I welcome immediate and extended family members to participate in family therapy sessions. Some families do not require formal family therapy, but could benefit from honing their parenting skills.

Family at a Beach

Parenting Skills: Parenting is the hardest job most of us will ever have. The dichotomy of the rewards and challenges is often dizzying. I have worked with families of children of all ages. As such, I have a strong sense of the different challenges that all parties face during the various stages of development and growth.

Couple with their Baby

Whether you are seeking parent-only support or hope to have part or all of your family participate in the therapy process, I am open to working creatively with any set or subset of family members who might be in need of guidance. 

For children under age 13, therapy services will include a significant family/parent component. 

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